11 ways to increase blog traffic

If you have a business blog, I’m guessing that you don’t create and share content on it just for fun. Instead, you probably do it so that you can gain leads, email subscribers, and customers for your business. And that makes sense. Because stats show that businesses with blogs get 67% more leads and 97% more links to their websites.

But here’s the thing: you can’t get website traffic, leads, email subscribers, or sales from your blog if there aren’t many people landing on your blog in the first place.

How can you get more eyeballs on your blog so that it actually boosts your business’s bottom line?

Check out my top 11 ways to increase blog traffic for more leads, email subscribers, and sales.




Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
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1. Create content strategically

You’ve probably read that if you want more traffic on your blog, you should create high-quality content. This is absolutely true.

But if you want the most traffic on your business blog, your content should be more than just high in quality. It should also meet a specific need that your audience has.

For example, if you own a vegan bakery, create content on vegan baking topics that your audience actually cares about. If your audience wants to know how to make everyday vegan baked goods, like cookies, cupcakes, and banana bread, create content on these topics. Don’t create tons of content on how to create fancy vegan pastries or wedding cakes.

When your content covers a topic your audience is actually interested in, they’ll be more likely to check it out.

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2. Make evergreen list posts

You might already know that list posts outperform most other types of blog posts. But there’s something better than just a regular list post: an evergreen list post.

An evergreen list post is a list post on a topic that stays relevant for many months or even years. It’s different from a seasonal list post, which stays relevant for a shorter period of time.

For example, a post on “15 activities you can do at home on a rainy day” would be an evergreen list post whereas a post on “15 things to do in New York City in November 2020” is a seasonal list post.

Evergreen list posts are especially great for increasing leads, subscribers, and sales because they can keep generating blog traffic for you even years after you publish them.

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example of seasonal blog content



3. Craft viral content

I know, I know. Creating viral content is easier said than done. And if were really that easy to do, everyone would have viral posts all over their blog.

You don’t need to aim for virality with every piece of content you create. But because viral content can massively boost your blog traffic, it’s worth shooting for the moon every now and then.

When striving for viral content, here’s what to include:

  • a magnetic headline
  • long content (e.g., 1000-2500 words)
  • a topic your audience is deeply interested in

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4. Outdo the competition

What’s a great way to boost your chances of creating content that goes viral? Find existing successful content on a topic your audience will love. Then, create something that’s even better.

For example, if your audience is interested in learning how to build a reclaimed wood bookshelf, create content that’s better than all of the existing content on this topic. This might mean adding images and a video to your blog post or creating a longer, more detailed YouTube video.

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blog automation tools


5. Update old content

If you’re trying to come up with ways to boost your blog traffic, you might be laser focused on creating new content. But that’s not the only way to get more eyeballs on your content. Instead, you can also just update old content.

Search engines like Google love fresh content because it’s more likely to be relevant to people today. So if you update old content, especially content that already brings in blog traffic on a regular basis, it’ll rank higher in search engines. And you know what that means—more traffic!

You can update old content by changing the title, replacing images, fixing links, or updating the information you provide in it. For example, if you wrote a post on how to use Instagram for your business in 2018, you could update it to reflect changes and new features on the platform that are available today.

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Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
Download my free blog post template + example.

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6. Build content around keywords

Another great way to optimize your content for search engines is to build content around relevant keywords. When you build content around keywords, you make it more likely that your audience will find your content in Google and other search engines when they search for relevant topics online. And you boost your chances of getting targeted blog traffic instead of traffic from people who couldn’t care less about your blog and biz.

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7. Add images and other visuals

Everyone loves some good eye candy. That’s why content with visuals gets 94% more shares than content without visuals.

So if you’re looking for a relatively easy way to boost the traffic-generating shareability of your content, add visuals or add more visuals than you usually do. In fact, when Canva started including many more visuals in their content than they had before, their traffic increased by a whopping 226%!

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8. Create content consistently

If you want to boost your blog traffic, you want to create awesome content and share it on a consistent basis. Why? Because when you share content consistently, both your audience and search engines are more likely to see you as a reliable, up-to-date source.

Keep in mind that posting consistently doesn’t mean that you need to share content multiple times a week or even every week. It’s great to publish one new piece of content every week if you can. But if that doesn’t work for your schedule or budget, share content every 2 weeks instead.

And remember, it’s always better to share useful, high-quality content less frequently than it is to spam your audience with mediocre content.

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9. Share on social media

When you publish new content on your blog, don’t wait for people to find it there. Instead, promote your post wherever your audience hangs out. In most cases, this will mean teasing your blog content on social media.

Any social platform can be the right platform for promoting your blog content if it’s where your audience spends time. But if there’s a lesson I’ve learned over the last few years, it’s to give Pinterest a serious chance.

I used to write Pinterest off as a platform that was only for wedding planners, interior designers, and meal prep enthusiasts. But then I discovered that lots of businesses that aren’t inherently “visual” businesses get tons of their blog or web traffic from Pinterest. And within just a few months of using Pinterest systematically to promote my content, my web traffic skyrocketed and my email list grew by 1018%.

Not bad, right?

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10. Send to your email list

Who’s going to be most interested in checking out your content? The people who have signed up to receive updates about it on the regular—AKA your email list.

So whenever you publish a new or updated piece of content, share the link with your email subscribers. You’ll boost your blog traffic and engage your most loyal fans at the same time.

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after you publish


11. Guest blog for backlinks

If you’re already spending lots of time or resources creating content for your own blog, guest blogging may seem like an impossible ask. But it can do wonders for your blog traffic if you pick the right blogs and approach it strategically.

In particular, instead of trying to get traffic directly from the guest blog content, use it to build quality backlinks to your blog. This will boost your blog’s SEO juice and make it rank higher in Google and other search engines when your audience searches for content related to your blog.


Boost your business blog traffic today

Blog traffic doesn’t grow on trees.

But if you implement the tips I’ve shared in this post, you can get more eyeballs on your business blog. And ultimately, that’s how you get more leads, email subscribers, and sales!



Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
Download my free blog post template + example.

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Want more leads, email subscribers, or sales from your business blog? Here are my top 11 tips for boosting your business blog traffic + grab my blog post template & example.

11 ways to increase blog traffic for more leads & sales + Free blog post template & example

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