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Whether you’re a blogging newbie or an experienced pro, there’s one thing you’ve probably realized about the blogosphere: there’s a ton of content out there. Unless you’re blogging about an insanely specific topic (like garden gnomes made by monks), there are probably lots of other people blogging about the same thing. How do you make your posts stand out so you can generate traffic, get email subscribers, and boost your sales? Use these 13 unbelievably easy ways to write better blog posts your audience actually wants to read.


Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
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1. Create an outline

I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve got places to go and things to do. I don’t have time to create an outline before I write my blog post.” And that’s why I placed this at the very top of my list.

A lot of people think that creating an outline before you write a blog post makes the process take longer. But in reality, it can save you lots of time. Why? Because it gives you a road map to use while you write. Instead of constantly grasping at straws to figure out what your next sentence should be, you’ll always know what to type next. An outline also helps you make sure your blog posts are focused, logical, and engaging from beginning to end.

So although you may hate the thought of creating an outline, it can save you time and help you write better blog posts. It turns out that your high school English teacher was right.


Here’s my outline for my blog post on 6 reasons why your blog needs content upgrades:

  • Introduction
    • Getting lots of traffic on your blog is great, but it usually isn’t the ultimate goal
    • Instead, you probably want to get email subscribers so you can pitch your products, services, and paid resources to them
    • How do you do this?
    • By adding content upgrades to your blog
  • What are content upgrades?
    • Definition
    • Example
  • Reason #1
    • Subpoints
  • Reason #2
    • Subpoints
  • Reason #3
    • Subpoints
  • Reason #4
    • Subpoints
  • Reason #5
    • Subpoints
  • Reason #6
    • Subpoints
  • Conclusion
    • Add content upgrades to your blog to boost your subscribers and sales


2. Write a killer headline

If you follow my blog, you know that I LOVE to talk about headlines. And there’s a good reason why: most people will use your headline to decide whether they should read your blog post. In fact, headlines are so powerful that if you’re trying to sell something with your blog post, 73% of people will use your headline to decide whether to buy it. This makes your blog post headlines extremely powerful (and hella important to get right if you want to write better blog posts).

So how do you do this? Here are some quick tips:

  • Use strong adjectives (Example: “The massive mistake you’re making”)
  • Number it (Example: “5 tips for boosting your Etsy sales”)
  • Provide a how-to (Example: “How to grow your email list with Pinterest”)
  • Convey a benefit (Example: “7 copywriting tips that double your conversions”)

Need more help coming up with a magnetic headline your audience won’t be able to resist? Check out my list of 9 blog headline generator tools and download 72 free blog post headline templates.

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Example: In this headline, Nesha Woolery combines the punch of a how-to with the power of a clear benefit.



write better blog posts

3. Tell a story

You’ve captured your readers’ attention with a solid headline. Now you need to keep them engaged. What’s a great way to do this? Use storytelling.

There’s a reason why we all loved bedtime stories so much as kids. Stories are powerful narratives that resonate with us. That’s why we remember them better than facts. So if you want to write better blog posts, tell stories in them.

Now I’m not saying that every blog post you write should start with “once upon a time.” We’re not writing a fairy tale here. Instead, you want to either tell a personal story or explain an issue or problem in a way that feels like a story. Paint a picture that allows your readers to imagine themselves in a situation and experience what it feels like to be there. Once you show them that a problem or solution is relevant to them, it’s hard for them to discount it.

Example: The Think Creative Collective uses storytelling in this post about unplugging from social media.



write better blog posts


4. Add an open loop

Storytelling isn’t the only way to write better blog posts by making your content engaging. You can also use open loops. Open loops are like the cliffhangers TV shows create right before they cut to commercial or end a season finale episode. They’re meant to make you insanely hungry to find out what’s going to happen next.

How do you add an open loop to your blog posts? Near the beginning of a post, tell your readers that you have a solution to a key problem they have. Tell them how they’ll benefit from it, but don’t reveal the details of the solution just let. Instead, say that you’ll explain it shortly or in a few seconds. This will capture your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading to discover what the solution is.

Example: In this blog post, Neil Patel uses an open loop to tease what’s up ahead.


write better blog posts


Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
Download my free blog post template + example.

5. Give examples

It’s great to explain a tip or concept to your readers. But to provide that cherry-on-top kind of value, add a concrete example. Examples help you write better blog posts because they show how your readers can implement a tip or idea you discuss in your blog post. They can also improve comprehension in the case that one of your points isn’t crystal clear.

Example: See how I integrated visual examples into this blog post on 10 landing page copy mistakes you may be making.



write better blog posts


6. Use simple words

It isn’t easy to get traffic on your blog. So the last thing you want is to drive people away because your posts contain long-winded, dense sentences that are hard to read (and even harder to understand). Make your blog posts accessible and digestible by using simple words to write short sentences and short paragraphs. It’ll help you write better blog posts and make your readers feel that implementing the information you provide isn’t so hard after all.

Example: Melyssa Griffin uses simple, conversational language in her blog posts.



write better blog posts


7. Make it scannable

Another way to make your blog posts accessible is to make them scannable. Scannable blog posts are posts that people can easily digest if they’re just scanning them instead of reading them word for word. Why is this important? When people read online, they usually don’t read a webpage from beginning to end. Instead, they scan it for key information. So when you make your blog posts scannable, your readers will be more likely to pick up on your key points even if they just skim through your content.

What about readers who do hold on to your every word? Scannable content helps them too. It puts your blog posts into a format that boosts comprehension and isn’t so intimidating. That’s why making your content scannable is an easy way to write better blog posts.

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Example: This post on Problogger includes clear subheadings and short paragraphs, which make it scannable.


write better blog posts


8. Add a call to action

Let’s be honest. You don’t want people to just visit your blog and read your posts (because that doesn’t make you money). Instead, you probably want them to sign up for your email list, enroll in your webinar, or buy your product. So what do you absolutely need to include in your posts? A strong call to action (CTA).

Your CTA is where you tell people what you want them to do after they read your post. It’s also where you provide the link people should use to take that action.

Don’t have anything you want your readers to sign up for or buy? Use your CTA to direct your readers to a relevant post on your blog. This will keep your readers on your blog longer and give them more value.

Need help creating strong CTAs to write better blog posts? Check out my post on the topic.

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Example: In this CTA, Caitlin Bacher tells her readers exactly what she wants them to do next.



write better blog posts


9. Incorporate basic SEO

It’s great to share your blog posts on social media or broadcast them to your email list. But if you want to create a consistent source of targeted traffic to your blog, it’s strategic to use search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO helps search engines like Google and Bing figure out what your post is about so they can show it as a search result when people search for information that’s relevant to your post. It’s true that SEO can get pretty complex if you’re trying to optimize your entire blog or website to a tee. But there are some basic blog SEO principles that are easy to implement and can give you great results.

Need help mastering the basics so you can write better blog posts? Download my free ebook SEO Basics for Blog Posts.

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10. But always prioritize your readers

SEO is a great way to improve the visibility of your posts in search engine results. But you never want it to compromise your readers’ experience. If the way you add keywords to your posts reduces their readability or makes them sound spammy, your audience won’t want to read them. This defeats the purpose of doing SEO in the first place. Search engine algorithms have also been changing to prioritize valuable, high-quality posts instead of content that’s just packed with keywords. So if you want to write better blog posts, prioritize the needs of your readers while incorporating SEO.

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Example: In this post, The Crown Fox writes first and foremost for real people.

write better blog posts


11. Add internal links

When you write blog posts, you probably add external links, links to other websites and blogs, to your posts. External links are great because they provide value to your readers by directing them to additional information and helpful resources. And if you link to blogs and sites with good cyber credibility, these links can boost your SEO.

But external links aren’t the only type of links you want to add to your posts. You also want to incorporate relevant internal links, links to other posts or pages on your blog or website. Adding internal links can help you write better blog posts for several reasons:

  • They give your readers more value by directing them to relevant posts and resources
  • They keep your readers on your blog longer
  • They help you position yourself as a credible expert in your niche
  • They boost your SEO

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Example: See how Later incorporates internal links into this blog post.


write better blog posts


12. Include images

People usually click on blog posts to read text-based information. But this doesn’t mean you should write your posts as just a set of paragraphs with no intervening eye candy. Even if you don’t absolutely need images in your post to explain a concept, they enhance the visual appeal of your posts and break up paragraphs. When adding images to write better blog posts, make sure they’re relevant to the topic of your posts. Otherwise, they can turn readers off.

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Example: Check out how CoSchedule incorporates images into this blog post.


write better blog posts


13. Proofread

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But if your blog posts are peppered with typos or grammar errors, it’ll be hard for your audience to take you seriously. After all, if you can’t be bothered to use the spellcheck feature on your word processor, why should anyone believe that your tips, resources, or services are any good? That’s why one of the easiest ways to write better blog posts is to proofread them before they go live.

It isn’t hard to write better blog posts

The blogosphere is packed with content. That’s why you can’t afford to write mediocre posts if you want to build a community, generate leads, and boost your income.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be the next J.K. Rowling to write blog posts people want to read. You just need to know how to create high-quality, value-packed content that gets their attention, keep them engaged, and encourages them to take the next step.


Want a blog that gives you traffic, email subscribers, clients, or customers? Learn how to craft blog posts that convert.
Download my free blog post template + example.

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write better blog posts



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