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When you write copy for your website, you may pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your home page, about us page, and landing pages. What might you not give much thought to? Your contact us page.

Your contact us page may not seem that important. After all, doesn’t it exist solely to house your email address, phone number, and maybe a physical address? Well, the truth is that your contact us page is one of the most important pages on your website. And for many businesses, it’s one of the most visited pages too.

How do you create a contact us page that gets more of your website visitors to reach out to you? Include these 10 key items on it.


Want more people to buy your product or book your service? Learn exactly what to include on your contact us page.
Download my contact us page copy template + full example.

1. A well-written introductory blurb

A contact us page with just a phone number and email address can look a bit bare and cold. That’s why it’s helpful to begin your contact us page with a brief introductory blurb. Using on-brand, well-written copy, encourage your website visitors to reach out to you. You can also provide examples of reasons why they should get in touch (for example, to book a consultation or ask a question). It may seem like you’re stating the obvious, but a friendly welcome can be key for giving potential clients and customers the right vibe.

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Example: See The Crown Fox’s introductory blurb on her contact us page.


contact us page

2. Your email address

For most people, email is the easiest way to get in touch with a business. This is particularly true if you have a global audience. Instead of having to coordinate their schedule with your business hours while navigating time zones, they can send you a message whenever it’s convenient for them.

Even if you have a contact form on your contact us page (see Item #5), include an email address and make sure it’s visible on the page.

Example: Melyssa Griffin includes an email address on her contact us page.


contact us page

3. Your phone number

Even though most people may contact you by email, there are still people who will want to pick up the phone and talk to you. Should you include your phone number on a contact us page? Experts have different opinions. Some say that it sends a bad message to your website visitors if you don’t include one. It makes you seem less approachable and less interested in truly serving your customers. However, other people believe that depending on your niche, you may be able to get away with leaving it out. You’ll probably also protect yourself from spam calls.

If you decide to leave your phone number out, make sure you provide prompt responses using other forms of communication.

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Example: On its contact us page, Sephora provides a phone number and indicates when representatives will be available to take calls.


contact us page

4. Your physical address

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, be sure to include your physical address on your contact us page. After all, people won’t be able to visit you if they don’t know where to find you. Make it easy for potential customers to get to you by also including the following info:

  • Map
  • Business hours
  • Directions
  • Parking information

If you have an online business that customers would never need to visit in person, you can leave your physical address out.

Example: HubSpot lists addresses for its offices on its contact us page.


contact us page


5. A contact form

It’s common to see contact forms on contact us pages. Why? Because they can be an effective way to collect key information you’ll need to learn more about leads and qualify them. The downside is that contact forms can be a turnoff for many people. Some people assume they’ll never receive a response if they fill out a form (probably because it’s happened to them before). Others just hate filling forms out.

To minimize the potential drawbacks of contact forms, clearly state when people can expect to hear back from you. And don’t forget to include at least an email address too.

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Example: Notice how Adrianna from MintSwift tells people exactly when they can expect to hear from her.


contact us page


6. Social media links

Not all of your potential customers will have a specific reason to get in touch with you. That’s why it’s strategic to include links to your social media profiles on your contact us page. By linking to your Pinterest profile, Instagram account, or Facebook page, you’ll show people where they can connect with you on a less formal basis.

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Want more people to buy your product or book your service? Learn exactly what to include on your contact us page.
Download my contact us page copy template + full example.

7. Photographs of key contact people

What’s one of the best ways to encourage people to convert on your contact us page? Humanize it by including photos of key contact people. Depending on who will be responding to emails, phone calls, and contact forms, you can include photos of yourself, an assistant, or another member of your team. When including photos of key contact people, label them so that your visitors know who they can expect to connect with.

Example: Amber McCue includes a photo on herself on her contact us page.


contact us page

8. Attractive visuals

A contact us page may not typically be the most interesting page on a website. But there’s no reason why your contact us page has to fit this trend. Attract your visitors’ attention on your contact us page by making it attractive. Use on-brand colours and images with lots of negative space to make your contact us page visually appealing and easy to navigate.

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Example: Nesha Woolery’s contact us page looks just as beautiful as the rest of her website.


contact us page

9. Responsive design

If people have made it to your contact us page, it’s probably because you’ve sparked their interest in what you have to offer. Don’t lose them now by presenting them with a contact us page that looks terrible and is almost impossible to use on a mobile device. Make sure your contact us page is mobile friendly by ensuring that it renders properly and is easy to use on a cell phone or tablet. In particular, make it easy to tap on your email address and fill out your contact form without a mouse and keyword.

Example: These contact form fields on Melissa Rose’s contact us page are easy to fill out even on a smartphone.


contact us page

10. A P. S. message

A P. S. message is a message you include at the end of a webpage or email. It’s designed to catch people who scroll all the way to the bottom (and may not have read any other copy). Take one last shot at establishing a connection with these visitors by including a link to a blog post, resource, or offer. These people may need a bit more time before they decide whether to buy your product or service. But with a P. S. message, you can at least encourage them to subscribe to your email list and continue engaging with your brand.

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Example: Pixpa includes an offer to start a free trial at the end of its contact us page.


contact us page

Create a rock solid contact us page

A good contact us page doesn’t have to be anything fancy. But it needs to include a few key elements if you want it to do its best work for you. When creating your contact us page, include all essential information, design the page carefully, and leverage it to humanize your brand. It may take a bit more time to create, but the results will be worth it in the end.


Want more people to buy your product or book your service? Learn exactly what to include on your contact us page.
Download my contact us page copy template + full example.

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10 key things to include on your contact us page + free template and example

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