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Do you have a services page on your website that isn’t converting as well as you want it to? If you do, you may think your audience just isn’t into your service or even your brand as a whole. This may be true, but there’s another culprit you should consider first (you know, before you completely rebuild your service line or brand). What is this culprit? The content on your services page. Here are 8 services page mistakes you may be making (and how to fix them).


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1. You have a dull headline

You may think your service description is the most important info on your services page. That’s why you may make the mistake of neglecting the headline of your page. The headline on your services page probably isn’t going to win over a new client on its own. But it’s key for grabbing your visitors’ attention and encouraging them to read that all-important copy farther down on your sales page.

If you’re a graphic designer, using a headline like “logo design” on your services page may seem sufficient. After all, it’s clear and descriptive. But there’s a problem. It doesn’t set you apart from the thousands and thousands of other graphic designers out there. The result? Many of your website visitors may decide to bounce.

The fix: Tackle this services page mistake by writing engaging headlines that emphasize key benefits or pain points for your audience. For example, start your logo design services page with a headline like this: “Affordable, eye-catching logos that set you apart from your competition.” Write multiple potential headlines before you find “the one” and use formulas that are known to work.

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Example: Check out this magnetic headline on Sarah Gwan’s services page.


services page mistakes headlines

2. You don’t describe your offer in enough detail

This services page mistake may sound hard to believe. After all, how could you forget to describe your service on a services page? But it actually isn’t hard to find examples of pages that don’t outline services in enough detail.

How does this happen? Many people fail to describe their services thoroughly because they think the details are obvious. They’re so close to their service and brand that it’s hard for them to understand what a client would need to know.

The fix: Imagine that you don’t know anything about your brand or service. Think about the info you would need to see on a services page to understand what’s included in the service. You can also ask a friend or family member to take a look at your services page and see if they can summarize what your service is all about.

Example: See how MintSwift breaks down the details on this services page.


3. You’re not using a sales page formula

I’m all about using creativity and innovation to stand out in a crowd. After all, that’s what running a business is all about. But there’s a reason why most successful services pages look similar: there are certain services page elements that work time and time again. They convince people that they need a service and that they need it NOW. So if your services page isn’t converting, it may be because you’re making this services page mistake.

The fix: Use a services page formula as a guide to make sure your page includes all of the key elements. You can still inject your brand’s personality into your services page by playing with the language you use and the visuals you add.


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4. You’ve made it hard to read

Your services page may contain all the right elements. But if the copy on it is hard to read, your website visitors may peace out after just a few seconds. After all, how much do YOU enjoy reading a web page that’s packed to the max with dense paragraphs of text? Your audience is no different.

The fix: Avoid this services page mistake by making the content on your page scannable. Add subheadings, use bullet points and numbered lists, include white space, and keep your paragraphs short. When you include scannable copy on your services page, you’re less likely to intimidate your visitors. And they’ll be more likely to pick up on the most important pieces of info in your copy.

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Example: Look at how Melissa Carter uses salient headings, short paragraphs, and white space to make her services page copy easy to read.


services page tips

5. You’ve placed your prices right at the top

There’s an ongoing debate about whether you should list prices on your services page. But if you do decide to list your prices, make sure that they aren’t at the top of your services page. This services page mistake can hurt your conversions. It makes people think about the money they’ll have to part with before you’ve even had a chance to sell your service.

The fix: Place your prices after other key services page elements.

Example: See how Kaitlyn from The Crown Fox places her prices close to the end of her services page.


services page mistakes prices

6. You focus too much on yourself

This services page mistake isn’t actually unique to services pages. (It can creep up on other pages of your website too.) But it can be especially fatal on a page where you’re trying to sell something to your audience.

When you write copy for your services page, you may focus on the reasons why you think your service is awesome. But there’s a problem with this approach: You aren’t trying to sell your service to yourself. You’re trying to sell it to your audience. If you write your services page for yourself, it may not convince your audience that your service is THE solution to making their lives better.

The fix: Think about your audience’s pain points and the solutions or benefits that address them. Make sure your services page copy focuses on these concepts. And use the same kind of language your audience would use to talk about them. You want them to feel like your services page was written just for them.

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Example: See how Kreanille Design keeps the focus on its website visitors by using the pronoun “you” and integrating key pain points into this copy.

services page tips

7. You’re missing a clear call to action

Like Mistake #2, this services page mistake may seem silly. But it’s a lot more common than you would think.

You may know what you want your website visitors to do when they’re finished reading your services page. But is this clear to your visitors? Do you have a clear call to action on your services page that spells out exactly what you want them to do in plain and simple English (or whatever language your audience speaks)?

It isn’t enough to just assume that your visitors will get to the end of your services page and then figure out how to navigate to your “contact us” page. You need to tell them what to do next right on your services page. If you don’t, your visitors may leave without getting in touch with you.

The fix: Craft a clear call to action for your services page, make sure it stands out, and place it in multiple spots on the page.


Example: Check out the clear call to action on this Narsha Design Co. services page.


services page tips

8. You don’t include visuals

Your copy is what will ultimately sell your services. But this doesn’t mean that you should make the mistake of forgetting about visuals. Visuals engage your website visitors and may even help them envision what their life will be like if they pay for your service. They also make services pages more scannable by breaking up sections of text.

The fix: Tackle this services page mistake by including on-brand visuals that complement your copy. They’ll grab your visitors’ attention and help you make a stronger impression on them.

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Example: See how Melissa Rose uses visuals that illustrate the focus of her services page.


services page tips

Avoid these 8 services page mistakes

The content on your services page can make the difference between being booked out months in advance or sitting around struggling to find your next gig. Use these 8 services page mistakes to write or refine your services page. They’ll help you steer clear of common traps that keep you from booking more clients, boosting your income, and growing your business.


Want a services page that gets you more clients and makes you more money?
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services page mistakes

8 services page mistakes you may be making + free template and example

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