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Looking for my top 5 resources of 2018? Read the updated post.

Do you feel like time got the best of you in 2017? Do you wish you had gained more web traffic, gotten more email subscribers, or made more money? Well, I’ve got good news. You can start fresh in 2018 with a blank slate. And you know what? You’re not going to do it alone.

To help you crush your goals this year, I’m sharing my 5 most popular resources of 2017 below. They’ll help you build an engaged email list that actually wants to buy from you, write landing pages that generate more subscribers and sales, and give you a constant stream of targeted web traffic. Say “no” to FOMO and see below for my top 5 copy and content resources of 2017.


Can’t wait to build an engaged email list that makes you some serious money?
Download my free 6-email welcome email series template + example.


write a welcome email series

1. Welcome email series copy template + example

Want an email list of engaged subscribers who actually want to be your customers and clients? Interact with them when they’re most ready to get to know you: as soon as they sign up. How do you do this without going crazy? By creating an automated welcome email series.

A welcome email series helps you build a connection with your new subscribers, orient them to your best content, get them excited about your brand, and nudge them closer to a sale.

Need help writing an effective one?

Grab a copy of my free 6-email welcome email series template + example.

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2. Services page copy template + example

If you offer services, the services page of your website is one of your most important pieces of online real estate. It’s where you’re going to convince your tribe that you’re the professional or brand for them.

What the heck do you write on a services page to get prospective clients to choose YOU?

Find out exactly what to include on a high-converting services page by checking out my free services page copy template + full example.

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3. SEO Basics for Blog Posts ebook

Want your audience to find YOUR blog posts instead of your competitors’ posts when they search for things online? Learn how to optimize your blog posts for Google and other search engines (SEO).

SEO is the best way to drive a consistent stream of targeted traffic to your blog and website. And it’s the best way to get the attention of people who are searching for brands just like yours on Google.

Think SEO is too complicated or time consuming to learn? I make it simple with my free ebook “SEO Basics for Blog Posts.” In it, I walk you through 10 easy steps for making your blog posts more SEO friendly. I wrote it specifically for SEO beginners, so don’t worry if you don’t have a techie bone in your body.

Ready to drive more traffic to your blog and outperform your competition?

Snag your free copy of SEO Basics for Blog Posts.

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landing page copy

4. Landing page copy template + example

Your landing page copy matters (a lot). Good landing page copy can help you gain email subscribers, fill seats in a webinar, or sell out a product even while you’re sleeping. Bad copy on the other hand? It won’t just fail to give you results. It’ll drive visitors away.

Want to stop leaving money on the table with your landing pages?

Grab my free landing page copy template + full example.

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your call to action

5. 80 call-to-action templates

Your website, blog, or content may be packed with sharp copy and gorgeous images. But you won’t make a cent from it if it’s missing this one critical thing: a solid call to action.

Calls to action prompt your visitors, email subscribers, or social media followers to take that all-important next step. They tell them to sign up for a content upgrade, register for a webinar, or buy a logo design package.

Need help writing magnetic calls to action your audience can’t resist? Download my 80 free call-to-action templates for websites, blogs, and social media.

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What do you have to lose?

2018 can be the best year your business has ever seen. But you need to put in the work to conquer your goals and achieve your dreams. Use my top 5 resources of 2017 to boost your traffic, skyrocket your email list, and crush your sales targets. They’re completely free. So what do you have to lose?

Can’t wait to build an engaged email list that makes you some serious money?
Download my free 6-email welcome email series template + example.

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My top 5 free copy and content resources of 2017 + free welcome email series

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