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Content is key for generating leads and nurturing your relationship with potential customers. The problem is that you’re a busy person – you have work to do, meetings to attend, and customers to acquire. So you can’t crush your competition by just pumping out more content than you did last year. You need to learn how to work smarter, not harder. How can you do it? Use these 9 content writing productivity tools to create blog posts, ebooks, web copy, and other content more efficiently:


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1. Tomato Timer

This writing productivity tool pushes you to stay focused during productive 25-minute chunks called Pomodoros. It even times your breaks so that you don’t turn that 5-minute breather into a 2-hour siesta.

2. Write or Die

Have a proposal deadline you need to meet? This writing productivity tool lets you set goals for the amount of writing you’re going to get done within a certain amount of time. You’ll get rewarded if you meet your goals. But if you fall short, brace yourself for the consequences.

3. The Most Dangerous Writing App

This is essentially a more intense version of Write or Die. Why? If you stop writing for more than 3 seconds, it’ll delete everything you’ve written. (Yikes!) It can give you the push you need to finish that ebook. But the stakes are high. So use this writing productivity tool at your own risk!

4. Ilys

Are you too much of a perfectionist for your own good? This writing productivity tool can help. It forces you to stop obsessively editing a draft while you’re writing it. How? It doesn’t let you edit anything until you’ve reached the word count goal you set before you started writing. How’s that for laying down the law?

5. Calmly Writer

Sometimes the bells and whistles of modern word processors are downright distracting. Enter Calmly Writer. This writing productivity tool brings peace to the writing process with a basic interface. It lets you focus on the words you’re writing instead of on the dozens of formatting buttons you find in a typical word processor.

6. StayFocusd

This writing productivity tool keeps you from accessing distracting websites so you can focus on writing. Do you find yourself constantly checking Facebook and Instagram while putting together a draft? If so, this tool is for you.

7. ByWord

Want a tool that helps you seamlessly create and publish content? Take a look at ByWord. This writing productivity tool for Mac makes writing easier with handy features like keyboard shortcuts and cross-device syncing. It also lets you publish content directly to WordPress, Medium, Blogger, Tumblr, and Evernote.

8. Coffitivity

Coffee shops can be a great place to write when you need a change of scenery. Or at least they can be until you have to go to the bathroom. Then you have to decide whether to leave your laptop unattended or take it with you and risk losing your seat. That’s where Coffitivity comes into play.

This writing productivity tool plays soundtracks of ambient noise in coffee shops. Whether you prefer the ambience of a quiet, early morning coffee shop or the hustle and bustle of a busy joint in the middle of the day, Coffitivity has you covered. Get the experience of writing in a coffee shop without any of the trouble.

9. Eye Defender

Although writing continuously during short blocks of time can boost your productivity, you don’t want to power through a 2-hour writing session without a break. Why? Your eyes will slow you down.

Most of us know that our screens take a toll on our eyes. But we’re not very good at taking screen breaks. That’s why Eye Defender can help. This writing productivity tool allows you to specify the intervals of time you’re going to work for. At the end of each interval, Eye Defender prompts you to take a break.

Try these writing productivity tools today

You’ve got to invest time (either yours or someone else’s) to create solid content. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make your content writing more efficient. Try the 9 writing productivity tools we outlined above to get that blog post, email copy, or ebook done today. After all, why work harder and longer than you need to?

Looking for tools that can help you save time while maintaining your blog?
Download our resource list on 24 time-saving blogging tools.

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