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Need some help writing engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts, ebooks, or website copy? Check out these 5 free content writing tools.

Whether you want to make your writing punchier or check your copy for duplicate content, these content writing tools are here for you.

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1. Hemingway Editor

Need a content writing tool to help you cut the flab from your sentences? Try the Hemingway Editor. This tool flags sentences in your writing that are difficult or very difficult to read. It also highlights passive voice and hedges so that you can keep your writing clear, concise, and confident. Just paste a chunk of text onto the home page and away you go!

2. Readability Test Tool

You know that good, easy-to-read web copy targets a Grade 7–8 reading level. But how are you supposed to know what the reading level of your unpublished or published copy is? Use this content writing tool.

The Readability Test Tool scores web pages and standalone text on a variety of reading tests, including the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease test and the Flesch Kincaid Grade Level test. It’ll also tell you the number of complex words you have in your copy and the average number of words and syllables per sentence.

3. WordCounter

This content writing tool may sound pretty boring and useless. After all, doesn’t any good word processor already count words?

But WordCounter doesn’t just count the total number of words in your copy. It also calculates the density of one-word, two-word, and three-word combinations in your copy so that you know when you’re overusing them. And if you’re looking for estimates of the reading length and speaking length of your copy, WordCounter has you covered too.

4. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

We’ve talked about this content writing tool a few times on our blog. But it’s worth mentioning it again because it’s the best headline analyzer tool we’ve found so far.

If you’re writing a blog post headline, email subject line, or ebook title, CoSchedule’s headline analyzer can help you optimize it. Simply paste your headline or subject line into the tool and let it do its magic.

The great thing about this content writing tool is that it doesn’t just give you an overall score for your headline or subject line. It also gives you subscores on different dimensions and tips on how to boost them.

5. Copyscape

When you’re pressed for time, it may seem tempting to craft content by copying text from your own blog or someone else’s. But Google and other search engines can pick up on this, and they’ll penalize you for it.

Of course, sometimes you might end up with duplicate content on your blog or website without knowing it’s there. So how do you find it? Use this content writing tool.

Copyscape lets you check the content of a single webpage for duplicate content on your platform and those owned by other people. Use it to prevent a duplicate content penalty before it hurts your SEO.

Side note: Do you republish blog posts or other web copy on multiple web pages or platforms? Find out how to avoid a duplicate content penalty from Google.

Try these content writing tools today

Writing compelling content isn’t easy. But you don’t have to struggle through it on your own. Use one of these 5 free content writing tools to tighten your copy and optimize it for your readers.

They won’t cost you anything. So what do you have to lose?

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