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You’ve selected the perfect longtail keyword, crafted an engaging post based on it, and found some amazing eye candy to complement your copy. Now it’s time to write a title for your post. The problem? You’ve been staring at your screen for 30 minutes and can’t come up with anything better than “10 really good cupcake recipes”. (We hate to break it to, but you’re right-that’s not going to cut it.) But don’t start eating your feelings by inhaling a cupcake just yet. Why? Because we’ve got a list of 9 blog title generator tools to help you craft the perfect headline.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot created this tool to help people generate topics for blog posts, but you can use it as a blog title generator too. Just type your keyword into one of the “noun” fields and the tool will generate some titles for you.

As an example, we typed “blog post headline” into one of the “noun” fields:

9 blog title generator tools

And this is what the tool gave us:


As you’ll see with many blog title generator tools, HubSpot’s tool takes tried-and-true title templates and inserts your keyword into them. That’s why some of the titles generated by these tools won’t make sense for your post. In this example, it wouldn’t be too hard to make Titles 2 or 5 work for a post about blog post headlines, but the others aren’t such a great fit. You’ll also notice that some generated titles won’t be grammatically correct (which HubSpot notes in its disclaimer). So be sure to tweak them as needed.

2. SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

Similar to HubSpot’s tool, SEOPressor’s blog title generator lets you generate titles based on a keyword. It also lets you indicate what category your keyword falls into so that the tool can generate blog post titles that fit the category.

For example, let’s say we want a blog post title based on the keyword phrase “write blog post headline.” We would type the phrase into the “keyword” field and select the category the keyword falls into using the dropdown menu. For this keyword, we chose the “skill” category:

blog title generator SEOPressor

And this is what the blog title generator gave us:


And this is what we got when we used the keyword “Beyonce” and selected the “person” keyword category:


One of the drawbacks of this blog title generator tool is that it doesn’t work so well when your keyword doesn’t easily fit into any of the keyword categories. For example, if our keyword phrase was “blog post headline” and not “write blog post headline,” the closest category in the dropdown menu would be “generic term.” And this is what the tool would give us:


As you can see, the first title is probably the only one that would fit a post on blog post headlines. You can click on the green refresh button to generate a new set of titles for the same keyword, but you might still end up with a bunch of titles that don’t make much sense for your post. So although this blog post generator is helpful if your keyword fits one of the predefined categories, you might not always be able to use it as your go-to tool.

3. Tweak Your Biz’s Title Generator

If you want a blog title generator that’s going to give you a long list of options without making you hand over your email address or credit card, this is the tool for you. How do you use it? Just type in your keyword, indicate whether it’s a noun or verb, and specify the case you want your title to appear in:


Once you click submit, you’ll get a long list of blog post titles that are sorted into categories:


Some of the categories that appeared in our sample search were lists (e.g., “Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Blog Post Headline”), business-based titles (e.g., “Fascinating Blog Post Headline Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow”), and titles related to motivation (e.g., “Create A Blog Post Headline You Can Be Proud Of”). Of course, you’ll also get a ton of titles that won’t fit your post (e.g., “How To Be Happy At Blog Post Headline – Not!” and “6 Romantic Blog Post Headline Holidays”), so you’ll need to comb through the list.

4. Fat Joe’s Blog Title Idea Generator

This tool by Fat Joe’s generates blog post title ideas for a keyword or topic you enter. True to the disclaimer on the site, the titles generated by this tool won’t always fit your post. And even the ones that do fit may need to be tweaked for grammar. Take a look at the titles we got for the keyword “blog post headline”:


It would be easy to make some of these work. Title #5 is a good example of this. Others are downright off, though. Take a look at Title #1.

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This blog title generator by Portent lets you enter a topic or keyword that you want a blog post title for. It generates just one title at a time, but you can click the refresh button to generate another one. Unlike a lot of the other tools that are out there, this blog title generator breaks down the rationale behind including certain words or elements in your title. Check out this example from our search and pay particular attention to the text in the blue boxes:


6. BlogAbout’s Blog Title Generator

This tools by BlogAbout works a bit differently from the others we’ve talked about so far. Instead of generating complete headlines (which, as you’ve seen, often aren’t grammatically correct), it generates fill-in-the-blank templates. Remember Mad Libs? It’s the same idea.

Here’s what the tool generated for us when we typed in “blog post headline” as our keyword:


Like you can with many of the other tools, you can press the refresh button beside the heart if you want the tool to generate a new template. You can also click on the heart to add a title you like to your list.

This tool does require a bit more work than some of the others because you’ll need to fill in the template. But it can also encourage you to think more carefully about whether each set of words generated by the tool really are the best fit for your post.

7. Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator

Like BlogAbout’s tool, this blog title generator by Inbound Now gives you fill-in-the-blank templates to complete. In this case though, you get a cue about the type of word that fits best in the blank. For example, here’s one of the templates we got when we visited the site:

Inbound Now blog title generator

Some templates can work for a wide range of posts, but others are much more specific (e.g., “The Top [Number] Most influential [Industry] Twitter Accounts”). The templates also aren’t keyword- or industry-specific, so you might need to click through a few before you find one that fits your post.

8. BuzzSumo

We’ve talked about BuzzSumo as a great tool for generating blog post ideas. But you can also use it as a blog title generator tool. How? Just enter your keyword in the “topic or domain” field and let the tool pull up the top articles related to it:

BuzzSumo blog title generator

What’s great about this tool is that you get to see data on how many times a post with a particular title was shared on different social media platforms. Of course, the title of a post isn’t the only element of a post that determines whether it gets shared. But you can still look for trends in the structure of titles for posts that get good engagement. See one you like? Adapt it for your own post.

9. ContentForest’s Blog Title Generator

Like BuzzSumo, this blog title generator by ContentForest shows you actual titles from real posts. What’s the benefit of this? You’re more likely to get a list of titles that are polished and free of grammar errors.

This tool generates a short list of relevant titles, and it makes you pay to access data on social shares. But we’ve included it in the list because it generates some of the most polished and relevant blog post titles among all of the tools we’ve looked at in this post. Here are the four relevant titles it generated for our “blog post headline” keyword:

9 blog title generator tools


Crafting a solid blog post title isn’t easy. In fact, professional copywriters will often write a full page of working titles before they land on one they like. But this doesn’t mean that you need to dread writing titles for your posts. Blog title generator tools can help you structure your titles in ways that are known to work. And if you use these tools regularly, you can learn how to craft epic titles like the pros.

Need some inspiration to help you craft the perfect headline? Download our 72 free blog post title templates below.

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9 blog title generator tools to help you craft the perfect headline + 72 title templates

2 thoughts on “9 blog title generator tools to help you craft the perfect headline + 72 title templates

  • March 2, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    I just finished a new copywriting tool. It works in a similar way to the tools mentioned in your article, however, during the development I played a little with an library which makes possible to conjugate verbs.

    As a result, when the user enters in the form the topic of his article or newsletter, e.g. “start a blog”, the tool randomly generates titles not only like “7 ways to start a blog”, but also “How I started a blog and what lesson I have learned” or “Why starting a blog is not so difficult as used to be”.

    You can see the tool here:

    In addition, I have also created a Spanish version of the tool.

    • March 5, 2018 at 5:13 pm

      Hi Petr,

      Thanks for sharing your tool. Having a title generator that can conjugate verbs properly would be so helpful for many people. I’ll definitely check this out!


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