Like redundant expressions, unnecessary words can make your sentences long and wordy. If you’re trying to reduce your word count or even just write more concisely for the sake of clarity, getting rid of unnecessary words can help. Instead of using “all of the”, try “all” or “every”. In place of “have the capability to”, use “can”. These may seem like small changes, but the savings add up when you make these changes throughout an entire essay, report, or proposal. They also allow you to put your word count towards words that really matter.

The next time that you’re drafting a document, think carefully about the words in each sentence. Are there words that you can remove without changing the meaning of the sentence or making it ungrammatical? If so, it may be time to let these words go.

Interested in seeing more examples of unnecessary words and ways to replace them? Check out our list below.

1. A number of: several, many
2. As a means of: to
3. At the present time: now
4. Due to the fact that: because, since
5. In an effort to: to
6. In close proximity: near
7. In order to: to
8. In the near future: soon, shortly
9. It is requested that you: please
10. With the exception of: except
11. On a daily basis: daily
12. For the purpose of: to
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Writing concisely tip #2: Remove unnecessary words
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